2,400 free Rocket Crates

The 1st NFT collection of DegenPirates is a collection of special Rocket Crates containing specialized rockets used in the rebellion against the Empires.

Are you interested in getting a one-of-a-kind rocket crate that could potentially contain 0.5 to 100 $MATIC value rockets for FREE?! Then join us for the first-ever mint of DegenPirates!

And the best part? You can double or 200x this reward in the game.

Free Mint

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Deforce✦ collection

The DeForce✦ is calling upon skilled pirates to join the fight against the Empire. The DegenPirates NFT collection features unique PFPs that symbolize your commitment to the cause and unlocks exclusive benefits within the DegenPirates universe.

AUG 22


NFT Utility

revenue sharing

NFT holders get a % of total revenue of the project across ALL-CHAIN from:
- Every single rocket purchase to play the game
- Revenue from NFT trading royalty

As an NFT holder, you'll receive an equal share of this pool, disbursed periodically as a testament to your unwavering dedication to the cause.

Access to Exclusive Events

NFT ownership is your ticket to an elite circle of space pirates. Gain entry to exclusive events featuring higher multipliers and more valuable rockets, amplifying your rewards and forging your legacy as a legendary pirate.

DegenPirates is a game lab that produces on-chain Web3 indie games with instant rewards. We are driven by a mission to ignite excitement and joy within web3 communities.

We believe in providing an easy-to-join and fun-to-play environment where players can immerse themselves in the true spirit of the web3 movement.

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our 1st game

A True Web3 Native Experience: Fully On-Chain

Built on the Polygon network and utilizing smart contract technology, DegenPirates delivers a genuinely native Web3 gaming experience. The fully-on-chain design ensures that every aspect of the game is transparent, verifiable, and secure.

Official Smart Contract Address:


Instant $MATIC Payouts: Immediate Rewards for Your Triumphs

DegenPirates rewards players instantly for their strategic decision. For every enemy ship you successfully destroy, you'll receive $MATIC tokens directly in your wallet.

uncompromising Fairness: Chainlink's VRF Integration

DegenPirates is dedicated to offering a fair and unbiased experience. To achieve this, we've incorporated Chainlink's Verifiable Random Function (VRF) into our smart contract. Chainlink's VRF guarantees that all random outcomes are provably fair and tamper-proof, safeguarding against manipulation and ensuring a level playing field for all players.

how to play

DegenPirates is our 1st game. WANNA DOUBLE TO X200 YOUR $MATIC? Take aim and shoot down 6 hidden ships (plus a lucky 7th if fortune favors you) across 12 locations. Each successful hit will earn you a multiplied reward based on your missile's value. It's a straightforward path to success!

Step 1

Connect Your Wallet

Connect a Polygon Wallet

Step 2

Choose your rocket

Select your rocket of choice based on the desired amount and place it strategically on the map.

Step 3

Fire at will

With your rocket in place, take aim and fire at will. The radar will reveal the ship's location.

Step 4

Get your reward

It's simple as that! Now go and earn your honest $MATIC